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How does it work?

We would all like to be in good health and as independent as possible. However, sometimes it does not work. For example, if some family members have a disability, age-related need for care, dementia or a stroke, he or she needs more care and attention. CareMate comes to the rescue!

Ordering care through CareMate is easier than ever before. You choose the services you need, the place for the services, and the time, for how long and when you want the services. CareMate offers you a selection of caregivers. Choose the most suitable one, submit your order and enjoy the services you need. We take care that the caregivers are professional, secure and provide the best possible help.

Ordering care

1. Register

2. Make an order

3. Select a caregiver

4. Order and confirm

5. Enjoy the service

Giving care

1. Register

2. Interview and training when required

3. Fill in the self-service profile

4. Receive orders

5. Always provide feedback